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The Landscapes

The band The Landscapes was formed in 2015 in Prague. Singer and guitarist Jan Audrlický with guitarist and bassist Petr Miner play in the style of alternative rock, blues and soul.

Jan Audrlický

Petr Miner



Hope is the first song by The Landscapes. It is a ballad about the journey of liberation from hopelessness and the inner oppression of the critic.

It tells of finding connection and support from Mother Earth and loved ones who have the qualities of kindness and openness.

It is thanks to the help of teachers with whom it is possible to grow and bounce back from the bottom.

At the end, it also turns into a celebration of a community of friends – warriors with whom it is possible to grow and live more of one’s purpose, for the good of all sentient beings.

The song was created in 2016 and its editing and subsequent mastering was completed in 2022.